Shannon Pearson

"As an entrepreneur, it is simple to put your own financial responsibilities on hold while developing, building, and supporting your clients (and multiple spinning plates). Pascale helped me by showing me how my financial responsibility IS my business. My business is now my greatest tool in building and securing my financial future. Not every result is a straight line pointing up and to the right but it can be a little less bumpy along the way. Working with Pascale makes the journey of being an entrepreneur a little less risky by making the future more predictable.'

Alan Speirs

"It is my pleasure to recommend Pascale Hansen as a trusted advisor and financial strategist. Her consultative approach and genuine interest in my business have helped me personally and from an overall financial and legal risk perspective as well. Her introductions to valuable business partners as been critical to my success. Pascale always goes above and beyond to support my projects with unwavering commitment, reliability, and dependability. In addition, Pascale’s enthusiastic spirit and eagerness to exceed expectations is why I give her my highest recommendation.".

Brian Paquette

“My wife and I can’t stop talking about the benefit we got from our

one – hour conversation.

I also appreciate your knowledge and educating me on a number of items around life insurance and related topics. I have struggled over the last several years when I meet with banks, insurance brokers, or financial advisors as I have always left feeling that they only know a limited amount of what they were talking about and with my limited knowledge that I knew more than them. In our initial brief 30 min phone call with you, I have learned more regarding life insurance and related information than I have been able to pick up over the last 15 years. I can’t thank you enough for this knowledge.

Thank you so much Pascale"

Pepita Elena Mckee

"A personal or professional discussion about finances is an intimate conversation that works well when dealt with sincerity and with compassion. Pascale Hansen has demonstrated this to me in spades! Her high calibre knowledge about finances and insurance made what can be a trying or difficult conversation, practical and solution-oriented. Thank you Pascale for humanizing this process!"ndae.

Graham Young

"I have worked with Pascale for 7 years and find her to be a caring professional who truly listens to her clients’ needs. She always leads with education and I find her integrated, holistic approach to planning to be comprehensive with easy-to-follow strategies. Her ability to simplify the complex and recommend the right tools has enabled me to take advantage of financial opportunities that I wasn’t aware of before. She provides unbiased and strategic advice for the short and long-term and has accelerated my financial growth significantly."

Fernando Minervini

"Rarely in my professional career have I come across an individual like Pascale, who consistently goes above and beyond to serve the best financial interests of a business owner, even when there is no immediate benefit for her at the time. I can always trust her to refer my clients and contacts to the right people to solve their short-term and long-term financial needs. On a personal note, she is my trusted advisor for all my personal insurance and financial strategy needs and an additional bonus is that’s she always ready and eager to brainstorm business ideas to help support my professional efforts."

Mark Onaba

Pascale introduced me to the concept of using insurance as an investment vehicle to grow generational wealth… The concepts she shared with me will change my family’s financial future for generations. My only regret is that I didn’t get to meet her sooner. As business owners, we have a limited number of people we can call on for help with a challenge. Pascale has and continues to be that person I can count on to either help or connect me with 5 other people that can help… The size of her network blows my mind!"

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